If you’re looking for a last minute tech bargain for your mum or just after a smart display for your home, then JB Hi-Fi might have a good deal for you. They are offering two Lenovo 7-inch smart displays for $199, online or through your local store directly.

The Lenovo 7-inch smart displays, which Scott reviewed and you can read here, is a follow up to their original smart displays over 2 years ago, offers some compelling reasons to consider buying a smart display over just a plain smart speaker for your home or even home office.

The deals is available through the JB Hi-Fi website and your local store unless otherwise stated or stock runs out for two Lenovo Smart Display 7 devices for the $199 price tag, meaning you could save up to approximately $99 combined. If you’re more after the just one, it will set you back at $129 which puts it in the same price tag for the Google Nest Hub.

JB Hi-Fi are also having a sale on the original Lenovo Smart Display 10. If you’re after a slightly bigger display it is on sale at $229 each it is a compelling offer given others of similar size are priced around the $300 mark.

Both of these deals are available at JB Hi-Fi right now through their website or through your local JB Hi-Fi store directly.

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Before parting with your dough please bear in mind that Lenovo rarely if ever update their consumer products.


Also their Ambient EQ is not as good as Nest Hub.