Yes, you read that correctly!

The role as Telstra’s official game reviewer is up for grabs but be warned, it will be hotly contested. The likes of Joab Gilroy (now Esports Editor for Redbull Media House) and Jeremy “Junglist” Ray (Former Good Game Host, now Managing Editor for Fandom) have both worked for Telstra in previous iterations of their gaming network. Now it could well be your turn, but you’ll have to be very good!

What’s the actual opportunity?

Frankly, Telstra’s announcement says it all…

This is a one-of-a-kind paid opportunity for you to create up to 10 video and written reviews for us from June to November, exploring the long list of games from Xbox Game Pass and getting hands-on with some of Telstra’s other upcoming gaming products..

If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not but it is a very tough gig to land. There will undoubtedly be thousands of applicants, so to make your application stand out will require dedication to deliver something special. To make it even more difficult, you’ve got a single short video and 300 words to do it.

Telstra is also looking for someone with some technical nouse:

We also want you to tell us about your technical skills – though none of these are deal-breakers! Do you know how to capture screenshots and screen recordings? Do you have any experience with video equipment or video editing?

If you’re a gamer, what are you waiting for? This is the opportunity that so many would die for and it’s right there for the taking. Get to reviewing your favourite game, a recent release or a classic and submit your review to Telstra. You could be the next big thing in games media. Good luck.

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Unrelated to this article but was on your page and saw a news article about YouTube music finally getting library transfer from Play Music but the article disappeared. And I can’t see it reported on any other news site?!???


I’m out of the running straight away.
I haven’t done any XBox gaming since the DVD drive in my original XBox failed back in 2016.
I never owned an XBox three sickly, and can’t afford an XBone.