There are many different smart home camera and security systems around and each one of those will have different tiers of subscriptions based on how many cameras you have etc that it can get very confusing. Google and Nest are set to end confusion wiht their offerings though with the new Nest aware rolling out to Australians and New Zealanders this week.

The new Nest Aware was introduced to the US in October last year which provides peace of mind for your home with intelligent alerts and camera history. Nest Aware is one simple price for entire household, no matter how many Nest cameras you have connected.

Here is what you get with the new Nest Aware

  • More affordable, simplified pricing — All of your devices per home, including your cameras, speakers and displays, are covered for one low price, even when you add a new device.
  • Get alerts that matter. Your devices will start recording event clips when they detect motion or sound and give you the clips you need to see.
  • Keep an eye on your home and quickly connect to emergency services. Now, your Nest speakers and displays will notify you if a critical sound is detected, like a smoke alarm or glass breaking, by sending an alert to the Home app.
  • Take care of loved ones. If your elderly parent or relative has a Nest Hub Max, not only can they stay in touch with loved ones through Duo video calling, but you can also look out for them with the new Nest Aware. All they have to do is invite you as a home member and enable their speaker or display, and you’ll get notifications if something needs your attention.
  • Easily upgrade from old to new. If you already have an existing Nest Aware subscription, you can upgrade to the new version through the Google Store.

There are two levels of plans for Australians, one with 30 days of event history and the inclusion of intelligent alerts and activity zones and the Plus version with 60 days of event history, the intelligent alerts, activity zones and 10 days of 24/7 video history (not just alerts but the entire video). Both plans include as many cameras as you have in your home app.

Along with the new Nest Aware there are also some great new pricings on Nest products with the Nest Hub available for $129 and the Nest Cam Indoor although the Nest Cam Indoor sale price seems to be yet to make it here with sellers still listing it for $229 (we expect it to come in around the $190 mark considering the US pricing will be US$129).

If you have multiple Nest cameras or are considering which vendor to hitch your smart home camera to the new Nest Aware makes it an attractive option. Anyone here use Nest Aware?