Let’s ignore some of the conspiracy theories for a while and accept that 5G is a technology that is progressively rolling out, not just in Australia but around the world.

It’s that progression that has led D-Link to commit to the early stages and develop hardware for home users to get the best from 5G.

5G networks elevate mobile internet connectivity and enhance IoT technology and devices to a level that has never been experienced before. Delivering supercharged performance and extreme reliability, 5G will redefine and transform industries and completely change the way we live.

Today’s release brings three new pieces of hardware to the market with home and general mobility improved connectivity as the target. The mainstream option available is a new 5G mobile hotspot ready to take any carrier’s 5G data SIM.

The other options are an outdoor connection unit for 5G in the DWP-1020 and a 5G Gateway in the DWR-978.

DWP-1020 is designed for installation on the exterior of a home or business building to get the best possible 5G signal. It’s IP65 rated to ensure that it can survive out in the weather as well as PoE to minimise the connection complexities to your network.

The DWR-978 supports 5G and allows users to access the web via mobile data networks. It has a WAN port to allow you to use it as an NBN based router with 5G “backup” connectivity if you wish. It’s an indoor router unlike the 1020 and as an added bonus can support VoLTE through the RJ-11 port.

With a host of other smart routing features, it will be a great addition to home networks for many users.

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So what is the first of the three new hardware options?