With the international Airline industry falling apart financial, and our own Virgin Australia in voluntary administration and fighting to keep competition in our skies, many people are freaking out about their frequent flyer loyalty programs. If you’re an Optus and Velocity member you may have been taking advantage of a loyalty reward from the duo.

In light of Velocity’s putting a hold on redeeming any points for 4 weeks, the two companies released a joint statement about their reward offer. Long story short, the deal offered by Optus and Velocity is not currently going anywhere. Customers already in the program will continue to receive their points, and the points that have been accumulated will not be lost.

There’s a Q&A on Opus’s announcement if you have any specific questions about the program. We’re big fans of competition in a market, and sincerely hope that Virgin will fly again after getting its wings clipped.

To only have one airline in Australia would not be good for consumers in the short or long term.