If you’re using an Android phone and even occasionally using SMS, then Google Messages should be your go-to app. The continual development of the application has been excellent and the additional feature of RCS has been a game-changer. RCS is poised to take a leap towards being a genuine competitor to Apple’s iMessage with reactions.

We’ve known for a while that this was coming with an APK teardown in March appearing. Now we see, thanks to a Reddit post, that the feature is in fact appearing for “real world” users.

The steps Google are taking towards a fully integrated messaging system are huge. We’re now seeing prompting to initiate video calls with Duo and attaching recent (within 5 minutes) photos to messages. It will be another huge step forward if the Messages app becomes a mandatory installation on all new devices to support the RCS platforms and continued communication integrations.

What is the next step needed for Google Messages to take on the big messaging players?

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Chomp still much better and more configurable. If RCS becomes available (Optus), I’ll revisit the decision.

William Abdallah

Worthless app. I just use hangouts for work and Facebook for friends. Had wifi calling until they messed with rcs.


This technology is very good and needed, but not everyone in Poland knows what it is. Everyone is supposed to assume any news about it. In Poland, we have RCS only for now on androids 10.


Ability to schedule messages makes or breaks it for me. Won’t use it till they include it.


Any integration of Google’s services should be welcomed 👍. Unfortunately, this is happening slowly 🙄. For greater clarity – RCS It does NOT DEPEND on the provider, but / already / on Google. This does not mean that everyone has it … it happens gradually 🤓.


Wasn’t RCS the standard agreed upon by telcos, as the next generation of messaging to replace SMS? And the lack of end to end encryption the result of Telco input? It seems odd to me that the platform they all agreed upon is still, after all these years, lingering in the background like a fart, rather than being first choice for messaging. I don’t get it.


I am on a Galaxy S10 and been wanting RCS since I first heard of it. I have tried every trick.

… using MVNO’s Kogan (Vodafone) and Catch (Optus).

That would be super nice for Google / Samsung to just make it happen in Australia.


Voicemail delivered via RCS is great, would love for them/Telstra to enable transcripts too


Scheduled messaging would go a hell of a long way

Seamus McKenzie

Have it. Got it on Tuesday . Telstra .


Does Optus as my service provider need to support RCS for me to be able to use it?


Yes, I think Optus does, but their MVNOs don’t for the most part. Also WTF is going on my last comment got moderated out? I just pointed out that Google should enable this without waiting for carriers?? Reminds why I stopped reading this site.


I’m with Optus, and there’s definitely no RCS at present. They have committed to it, many years back, but are yet to roll it out.

Aussie dude

It works in Australia on Telstra.. You need to tweak a few settings per Google


Couple of things Google should do.
1. Roll out RCS without providers. It’s too messy in Australia with MVNO support etc.
2. Go back to encrypting RCS like it was supposed to be.

Those two things will go a looooong way to making Messages king of the hill.

Till they take control out of carriers hands RCS is DOA.

Jimmy cychowski

Just give me RCS to start with 🤣


I think the problem is that RCS isn’t encrypted. In my opinion that makes it less useful. I have problems with Apple of course but iMessage isn’t generally one of them.


RCS is encrypted…


The ‘next step’ is definitely to officially roll out Google RCS to Australia 😉


What do ya know Beau 😉

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Seriously though, Google has been rolling out RCS in every bloody country except Aus.. What gives

Jimmy cychowski

Let’s hope 🤪