Gmail is great, it’s free and provides a service that many of us use every day. There are some automated features in the Gmail platform that we take for granted, perhaps even getting like spam filtering. Normally that’s not an issue but of recent, there have been a number of reports of the Gmail spam filter becoming a little overzealous.

This has included reports of personally addressed emails, mailing lists and automated messages such as banking, bills and other emails previously marked as “not spam”. I’ve personally seen and suffered this issue, including emails that (had I not checked when I did) had the potential to cause me financial impact.

A quick chat with Google support confirmed that they have been seeing a significant increase in email traffic, in particular spam and phishing. This has unfortunately resulted in an increase in false positives.

Keep your eyes on your spam filter for a few weeks, just to be safe and make sure you don’t miss something you might need!

Have you had any emails caught as a false positive that you needed to read?

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Andrew Priest

Thanks for the heads-up. Just checked and Gmail had flagged a few emails incorrectly including comment replies from Ausdroid! Whoops 🙂

Pam Haines

G Mail fail.

Disgusting Spam received. I block it, I report it. Nothing stops it.

Hello ? I am a senior citizen and do not appreciate all this rubbish I receive daily.

When are you going to fix this Google?