Some rumours and leaks we want to believe more than others, especially about Google’s soon-to-be-launched Pixel 4a. We have heard just about everything to hear about the Pixel 4a aside from the price but yesterday a fairly strong rumour suggested that it could be priced better than any Pixel device we have seen so far.

Stephen Hall from 9to5Google posted on his Twitter account that he had a source that was telling him that the Pixel 4a will cost US$349, and that is for the 128GB model. This would place the Pixel 4a cheaper than any other Google Pixel we have seen and to be honest set the mid-range alight.

The US$349 pricing Stephen heard was also for a 128GB model which is usually the higher priced model from Google (when they offer that — they did not for the Pixel 3a). For perspective, the Pixel 3a 64GB in the USA is US$399 while the Pixel 3a XL is US$479. Here in Australia those two devices will set you back AU$649 and $799 respectively.

If this pricing rumour is correct and the pricing differences between the US and here continue we expect the Pixel 4a will come in at around the AU$570 mark. This is significant for several reasons — one being that the device is not as small as the Pixel 3a and is something in between the 3a and the 3a XL but is set to be priced less than the 3a XL.

The pricing also makes it the cheapest Pixel smartphone we have seen — those users who longed for the days of the competitively priced Nexus devices now may have a champion.

What this rumour also suggests to us is that Google are either finally killing off the 64GB variant or they are offering more than one memory SKU with the Pixel 4a. Hopefully it’s the former.

It is possible that Apple’s competitively priced iPhone SE model (64GB) has pushed Google into this pricing but if last year’s build process is any indication they would have had this price target for a long time and developed the phone with that in mind.

Whatever the case we cannot wait to get our hands on one and run it through its paces. At this cost with the Pixel Experience thrown in it makes for a very compelling purchase.

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Hope for the upper miss range Pixel 5 being sensibly priced. I hope so. Also going for larger battery and less gimmicks i.e. gestures.

Khan Piesse

This is awesome. I really hope this phone does well, I need the Pixel line to finally become main stream because the youth of today absolutely hate Samsung and will never leave Apple, but I don’t think they hate Google anywhere near as much. Meaning Google has a chance to be popular with the very few youth that want to switch to something asides an iPhone. I’m going to be buying my boyfriend the Pixel 4a because he has an iPhone 6S and hates it, and I want to get the Pixel 5 when it comes out.

Jack Bauer

If it wad $400 I’d buy it


Even if they were paying me $400 to take the thing, I’d refuse. No headphone socket, no storage expansion, no sale.


This interests me a lot. I paid aud $500 for a good second hand s9 plus because prices are just silly and new models are no longer radically better every year. The se iPhone and the pixel are my two front runners now… Strange days!

Jamie S

Wow, a budget Google phone under $600. They should have done this year’s ago!
Oh, Nexus mind…


While I still enjoy my LG G6, and don’t have a real need to upgrade, if these rumors are true, Google may get my money.

Before the G6 (which I purchased outright for $500ish), I proudly repped the Nexus 5X and the 5 before that. I’m sick of the ridiculous pricing that has become “normal” for today’s phones.

Russell Otto

I am in the exact same position as Peter.
Exactly the same phones and thoughts too.


Not cheap, got a pixel 4 for au$759


Right, but $759 isn’t the retail price. You got a discount of around 25%, and if we applied the same discount to the price of a 4A, that comes down to $427.