“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Early on we expected there to be a Google Pixel 4a XL just as there was a Pixel 3a XL last year but that went by the wayside with rumours that there would be no Pixel 4a XL this year. There still may not be but new images have surfaced out of a manufacturing plant in Vietnam tasked to build some of the Pixel 4a phones suggesting that there will be two versions of the Pixel 4a and one will be a 4a XL.

A source, most likely from within the factory itself has provided images of the devices to Vietnamese site tinhte.vn. The photos actually create more questions than provide answers.

There is a photo showing the Pixel 4a box, and many of them, but there is no picture of a Pixel 4a XL box. The photos also show off two devices, one in white and one in black. The black device looks like what we are expecting the Pixel 4a to be but the white one is different.

The white Pixel 4a has a different camera module and looks to be a taller device. The camera module has the flash in the top centre of the module rather than the top left corner as it is in the black phone and there is also what appears to be a second lens beside the main lens.

While Google have decided against providing different camera modules in their different SKUs in recent times there is no reason why they would not now — although that would make it difficult to hit that same price point. If these images are to be believed the Pixel 4a will have a single rear camera lens and the Pixel 4a XL (which apparently exists now) will have a dual lens system.

According to the source both phones are made from a “grainy plastic”, have “plastic buttons” and provide a “mid-range feel”. This of course fits with both of these beoing more affordable mid-range devices.

There is no actual indication that this is indeed a final production version of the Pixel 4a XL and may well be an early prototype that was made before the decided to cull it from ever existing. Until I see an actual Pixel 4a XL box I’m sceptical of this being real — I hope it is but once again use the usual salt when looking at this.