A month ago OPPO decided a good way to extend their thanks to the essential workers continuing to face the public throughout the pandemic was with plastering some of their faces all over the southern hemisphere’s biggest billboard. Now it is ready to go and if you are in Sydney you can check it out.

The #AnEssentialThankYou initiative invited people to nominate essential workers that they appreciated to appear on OPPO’s billboard and now one month later it is up for all to see (assuming you are in Sydney).

The billboard is located on Sydney’s Anzac Bridge and after hundreds of submissions and photos of essential workers they have selected some — well, actually many. So who is on the billboard? Any essential worker who is “out there keeping our pantries stocked, our sick cared for, our elderly looked after, our rubbish collected, and beyond.”

We wanted to do something with the billboard that projected positivity and acknowledged that while so many of us found ourselves facing uncertainty, there was an army of Aussies who put on a brave face and tirelessly worked throughout the global pandemic to help keep our country running and maintain a sense of normality for their communities.

We were thrilled to receive hundreds of photos from everyday Australian heroes, including supermarket saviours, healthcare heroes, sanitation workers, educators and all in between. It’s important that we recognise the very real and very different plights of all our essential workers. Michael Tran, OPPO Australia’s MD

The billboard will remain in place over the coming weeks as Australia slowly starts to open up again. Of course not all nominations could be included and we do not know the criteria for making the cut but it seems the mug I nominated made the cull. Good on you Duncan and every other essential worker out there, we appreciate you.

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