Swann has continued to develop and deliver user-friendly, DIY security options over the last few years. They have brought options like the Floodlight Security Camera, Wire-free video doorbell, Full HD DVR system and Wi-Fi security cameras to the market. Tonight they have brought more options to the Aussie market in the Wi-Fi Tracker Security Camera and Enforcer Security System.

Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann said

We’re proud to announce the release of two new additions to the Swann Security ecosystem. While many of us are staying home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the need to safeguard the home and small businesses have never been of greater importance. The next generation of Swann products offer advanced features to prevent and deter unwanted intruders outside and inside the house

The two options bring some interesting and innovative features to the fore.

The Swann Wi-Fi Tracker Security Camera is a first of its kind camera. The non-mechanical pan-tilt maintains a wide-angle view while able to track and record moving objects without physically having to move. Further to this, the camera automatically zooms in to monitor suspicious activity that is targeted, while maintaining the 180-degree widescreen view. Like their other indoor cameras, the Tracker Security Camera sports infrared night vision so your camera can capture and record night activities. The two-way audio enables the usual communication options to yell at talk to kids, pets or intruders or merrily greet guests. In previous reviews, we’ve noted the ease of installation and — the theory is — this will be no different. Plug it in, turn it on, connect it to Wi-Fi and you’re running.

While there are a huge number of potential uses, small retail outlets and businesses could make great use of the technology here without outlaying thousands of dollars on a security camera system. You can pick up one of the Wi-Fi Tracker Camera’s for $149.00 through the usual retail channels including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks.

The Enforcer™ is Swann’s first camera of its kind to include motion-activated police-style, red and blue flashing lights and spotlights to deter intruders. The feature set includes spotlights and mobile alerts to ensure any unwelcome guests are left with no illusion that they’re on camera and being tracked.

The camera has Swann’s trademarked Night2Day colour night vision, enabling high-quality night vision while the True Detect Heat and Motion technology significantly reduces false positive notifications to your devices. The DVRs have local storage for up to 180 days (this will depend on the number of cameras and recording quality) onto a 2TB hard drive. You will also be able to upload clips to the cloud for free (I find unlisted YouTube uploading to be just as effective personally) which brings the Enforcer into the realm of low-maintenance, low-cost security solutions.

The Enforcer systems will be available from June on Australian shores, with pricing yet to be confirmed.