Google seems to be maintaining their cadence of release new smart home device types for the Google Assistant platform every few weeks. Making the list this week are air fresheners and freezers. As for most of the device types the new control schema will allow OEMs to easily integrate Assistant into their products.

I’m a big fan of Google Assistant and the smart home in general, but I have to admit, outside of a warning that my freezer stopped working I can’t imagine the situation where I am going to want voice control over what I consider to be a static device. That said, as with all new integrations I prefer it existed than not.

Air coolers are popular in Australia for those who don’t have air conditioning but want to escape the sweltering summers. Just like fans and air conditioners previously Google Assistant can now turn your air cooler on or off, control the fan speed, regulate humidity and monitor the temperature.

Over all it’s good to see Google continue to add new device types into the Google Assistant ecosystem. You can see a complete list of all of the current Google Assistant device types here. What device type would you like to see Google add next?