Earlier this year we took an early look at the realme C3 and for an entry-level device priced at $269 outright it was amazing value. The value has just gotten even better with realme and Optus announcing that the C3 will be available on Optus prepaid for just $199.

realme has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last couple years and is now the seventh largest smartphone brand globally — mostly thanks to the amazing value for money they offer. The new partnership with Optus will allow realme to expand further into the Aussie market and grow their brand recognition with consumers here in Australia.

The realme C3 is not packed with super impressive specs by any stretch of the imagination but it functions great and has a half decent camera, something you would not expect from such a cheap phone. It does have a 6.5-inch display and a triple rear camera setup along with an extremely impressive battery life (5,000mAh battery) and NFC so it is certainly decent enough.

With it being offered from wherever Optus prepaid devices are sold for just $199 expect it to sell well. Once people see how attractive realme have made their entry-level device it will be close to a no-brainer. You can check out our review of it here.

The realme C3 will be available to purchase online and in-store across all retailers that offer Optus prepaid smartphones, including Yes Optus, Kmart, Big W, Target, Australia Post, Woolworths (red only) and Coles (blue only and only from June 1). Aside from Woolies and Coles all other retailers will stock both the blue and the red variant. The realme C3 purchased through Optus prepaid will be locked to the Optus network.

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Recently purchased the realme 5, after owing an oppo.
Biggest regret, the realme is slow, continually freezes, will not send messages or connect to Internet while still showing full 4g connection. It’s terriable.


Sounds like a dud unit. A mate has a Realme 5 and loves the phone. Not a single issue with it at all. I’d be doing a full reset and not installing any apps and using it for standard tasks such as calls and messages and browsing to see how it behaves for a little bit.

Which Oppo phone did you have before?