Last week we reported that Google were finally providing a tool that would allow you to transfer your entire Google Play Music library, including likes, playlists and radio stations over to YouTube Music. Although we were told it was going live globally the next day it seems that a rollout was starting the next day.

We had reports of it going live in the US first and well it might be but not all of the US has received access to the transfer tool so we shouldn’t feel too left out. Now it appears that the rollout will take several weeks but for those who are impatient (like me) and want to register their interest in the hope of jumping the queue Google have made a form for you.

All you have to do is follow the instructions over here and fill out the Google Form and then you will still not be guaranteed access to the transfer tool but hopefully move you forwards in the queue a bit.

once you have filled out the form and you make it to the front of the queue be on the look out for a notification in Google Play Music or YouTube Music or an email to say it is ready for you. To transfer is fairly easy, although we are yet to do it we have seen Google do it live and it was not as time consuming as you might think it would be.

Hopefully the rollout is progressing without any issues because we are so close and yet so far from finally having a complete YouTube Music. It has been a long time coming, bring it on Google.

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    I still can’t figure out how to just search for an album on youtube music. Not a playlist someone’s made of an album.

    Angus Gibbins

    Does YouTube Music support gapless playback yet? And if not what year is it?


    Ugh, I hope YTM isn’t forced onto existing GPM subscribers until it works reliably on Android TV and Android Auto. Assistant seems to want to preference YTM over GPM, even though it’s less reliable on all my devices.


    Their comms on it is left wanting.


    Any sign yet of where one can not be forced to pay more for the downgrade to YouTube music?


    I’m paying $9 per month for YouTube premium, YouTube music and Play Music a whole package. After they kill off play music, it’ll still be $9 per month


    That’s not what the Youtube music subscription page says, cheapest price to convert to youtube unlimited is $11.99. The $9.99 music conversion does not get you the full youtube premium.

    its pay for an upgrade to put up with a worse interface with less features.


    Oh, I’m on student prices.