We’ve all done it — that YouTube rabbit hole. Start watching one, then you like that and follow onto another and so on until you realise you have spent far too long on it — watching YouTube videos. Many of us end up slumped over our devices, asleep at the wheel of the YouTube controls but now Google is introducing a new setting to help prevent that.

Rolling out from today to the YouTube app on both Android and iPhone are bedtime reminders. The reminder will prompt you at a set time each day to go to bed. The reminder is customisable for start and end times along with the ability to make it so that the reminder does not interrupt a video you are watching. Those who like to snooze alarms will love the ability to snooze the reminder for ten minutes as well — just to help you get deeper and deeper into that slumber.

The new setting is within the YouTube settings page under “Remind me when it’s time for bed” or can be customised from the “Time Watched” page. The new setting is designed to help you better manage your sleep schedule. The other Digital Wellbeing features can be seen at the YouTube support page and are well worth checking out if you don’t use them and have trouble managing your YouTube time.

The new Digital Wellbeing setting will be rolling out to all users in the next few days. If you are interested in this setting keep checking your YouTube settings over the next few days. It is unclear if the setting extends to YouTube on Android TV (or other TVs) but I really hope so because falling asleep on the couch watching YouTube videos is a common occurrence for me.