Multiple sources have claimed recently that the Pixel 4a had been delayed until early June with most of us expecting it to arrive on the same date as the Android 11 Beta on June 3. Unfortunately now multiple sources are claiming that it has been delayed once again, this time until July.

David Ruddoch and Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech are claiming that through their own independent sources that yes the Pixel 4a will not arrive until July.

Although Jon states that the plan is to release the Pixel 4a on July 13, David has said that there are not any definite dates just yet. Digging into Jon’s Tweet a bit more, there will be two colours this year, a “Just Black” and a “Barely Blue” and there will NOT be an XL model — based on lack of evidence proving its existence.

It is interesting that he says that the phones are ready to ship but “market analysis” has delayed their release. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with the world’s health system and this has led to the market dip in most areas. The more that Google push it back the close it’s release gets to the Pixel 5 release — assuming we will indeed see the Pixel 5 released as per usual in October still.

The Pixel 4a rumours are really heating up with the latest rumours pointing to an even cheaper device than last year, Active Edge getting the boot and a Snapdragon 765G processor powering it. One thing for sure we are more excited than ever with what seems to be Google’s new path this year — more affordable phones.

Google Pixel phones have always had amazing software but the hardware has often let it down, and yet users have still loved them (as a whole). This year Google is choosing the hardware it seems based on what their software needs and as such hopefully making them a lot cheaper. Could this be the beginning of smartphone prices coming back to be more affordable to the masses?

We hope so.