Foxtel has not had a good time recently. During the last few weeks it’s sacked hundreds of staff, now it has launched yet another streaming service to try and make up for its falling revenue and $2.5 billion+ crushing debt load.

The new ad-free streaming service is called Binge and includes a large library of over 10,000 hours of mostly American TV and movie programming for a subscription fee of $10, $14 or $18 a month.

The base level Binge plan is standard definition with one stream only, the two higher tier plans allow more streams simultaneously at HD level. Oddly the highest level plan doesn’t offer 4K video quality which is disappointing.

The Binge pricing levels are the same as STAN but STAN has 4K for it’s premium plan. Netflix plans are also $10 and $14 but the top 4K multi stream plan is $20.

Content for Binge will largely be sourced from the brands shown below including HBO, Warner Bros, BBC and FX.

Unlike Foxtel Now which starts at $25 and can cost up to $104 if you add all the optional extras, Binge is catchup streaming — there is no live TV content and there won’t be any Binge Australia originals.

At launch Binge will be available on Android TV devices, iPhones, iPads, Chromecast, Android tablets, Android phones, Apple TV and Telstra TV.

You can sign-up for a free two week trial of Binge from May 25th.

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    Foxtel will go bust within the next 12 months. They have bled thousands of customers over covid (no live sport) or have handed out substantial discounts to thousands. 2.3 billion dollars in debt, tons of legacy hardware and other great competitors: Netflix, Stan, Disney+.


    Judging from the artwork in the article, looks like there is plenty of good content.

    I’m not currently subscribed to any streaming service at the moment (besides Amazon Prime), so I’ll probably sign up for a few months and have a look.


    So you are currently subscribed to a streaming service then…


    So could I download the binge app on the Foxtel now box without Foxtel subscription?


    If your Foxtel Now box is active and you have access to the Google Play store, then yes.