If you’re into computing, the chances are you know of and probably own a piece of Razer equipment. They make a full range of equipment from laptops to mice, Desktop machines to microphone and more. If it’s remotely related to gaming, they probably make it. Now they’re delving deeper into the audio realm with the Razer Opus, an ANC headset that can bring all the tricks to daily use.

The specs are solid offering a THX certified audio experience (nb your source device and media need to be THX as well) and active noise cancellation drive by 4 ANC mics. ANC can be overridden and enable quick attention mode to ensure you have situational awareness of your surroundings, without having to turn off your tunes. If you do decide to stop your playback — like the Jabra Elite 85H — there are sensors that automatically pause playback when you remove the headphones and rest them around your neck.

The battery is capable of 25 hours of playback on ANC (enough for long haul flights once international travel is a thing again) and also has 3.5mm jack for plugging into other devices. The Opus is delivered with a carrying case that protects your investment and sports their usual focus on comfort for long sessions

The Razer Opus’ low weight and plush leatherette foam ear cushions and headband provide a comfortable, pressure-point free fit for long periods of use. Each battery charge lasts up to 25 hours so you can confidently take your sound on the go.

The Razer Opus is intended to be used on the go but could easily become your only headset. It the connectivity options making it capable of connecting to your PC, Tablet, Laptop or phone on the go. They’re not a cheap option, but you get what you pay for when it comes to ANC options. The Opus will set you back AU$330 and based on their proven history, be a good investment for some time to come.

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$330AUD on the Razer AU site.

Good value for money vs Sony et al

Looking forwards to trying