Fortnite was all the rage last year and although its popularity has dropped off in recent months there are still a LOT of users throughout the world. Now Epic Games and OnePlus have teamed up to bring Fortnight at 90fps to the mobile space for the first time ever.

Currently rolling out, the OnePlus 8 series will use the Unreal Engine to display Fortnite at 90fps. Although the game is already designed to run on other smartphones at 60fps this is the first time it has been available at this refresh rate, promising a “smooth, high frame rate” experience.

The launch of 90fps Fortnite on the OnePlus 8 series coincides with the launch of the phone into India and shows OnePlus’ commitment to providing a great gaming experience to their users. Using the OnePlus Game Space app Fortnite can be easily installed with “One Touch”.

The trade off to the 90fps smoothness is your display quality with a warning telling you it will default back to low at the higher frame rate. This causes the game’s landscape to render only as you move closer according to XDA so YMMV at 90fps.

Image credit: XDA Developers

At this stage the 90fps is exclusive to the OnePlus 8 series but it is expected to land on other phones that support the same refresh rate in the coming months. If you are a Fortnite fan either hang on and wait for it to arrive on your gaming phone or go out and buy a OnePlus 8 smartphone.