A vast majority of music lovers these days use some form of streaming music service and the competition between various services is high. Spotify is the biggest one around and is improving on its service, not just to entice new users but to keep current users happy.

Each time you like a song or album or save one to your Spotify list it is added to your library. It is a great way to find things you have liked in the past and feel like tuning in to at various times. The problem was that until now there has been a limit to the number of songs you can have in this library — 10,000 songs.

10,000 songs may seem like a lot but as mentioned above every single like adds a song or library to your library. This prevented some users from being able to use Spotify to its fullest, scared to like songs for fear of filling their library. Once the 10,000 song limit was hit a notification popped up saying:

Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums

Well, users no longer have to pay close attention to what they like and dislike as Spotify have removed the library limit and it is now unlimited. Announced on their community blog the “unlimited library experience” removes all limits on saved items in a user’s library.

There is still a limit of 10,000 on the number of songs that can be downloaded for offline listening and there is still a limit of 10,000 songs per playlist (that’s a big playlist). It is unclear if this applies to all users or just paid subscription users but I suspect that if you are using Spotify enough to have over 10,000 songs in your library you should maybe consider paying for it — I know the ads would annoy the hell out of me by then.

The new unlimited library is rolling out so it may not land for you right away but expect it at some stage.