Google a couple of years ago began bringing beta versions of their upcoming Android version to “developers” allowing them to test out the new features and see how their apps integrated with it. This year due to Google I/O being cancelled the beta launch will have its own online event and anyone can watch it.

Today the Android Developers Blog has outlined not just the time and date but also how to watch the event. They plan to “unveil new features” from the new release, just as they would have at the Google I/O keynote. Not only will they show off the new features but also detail the updates designed to “help developers get the most out of modern Android development”.

For those interested in tuning in, and of course someone here will be silly enough to get up in the middle of the night to watch it, it is once again simple. It will be streamed live on YouTube or Twitter (don’t expect to see any blue fake news exclamation points on anything here) and sign up for updates at their dedicated Android 11 website.

The launch will also give you the ability to ask questions of Android engineering and product leads Dave Burke and Stephanie Cuthbertson which they will answer live on-the-air. Questions for them will be selected from those on Twitter using the hashtag #AskAndroid.

The event looks to be a mini-Google I/O with the website detailing a list of talks to help developers “take advantage of the latest in Android development. To make the event even more interactive Google have included a sketchnote template for you to give your take on the launch show — share your work with the hashtage #Android11 for a chance to be featured (I will not be participating in that, as an artist I make a great radiographer).


So strap yourself in as you are about to be hit with a heap of new cool and exciting features (hopefully). For those in the Eastern states of Australia it starts at 1am on Thursday 4th June — all other states please make your own calculations. Or you can just wake up and read our synopsis first thing in the morning.