We’re getting far too used to postponed events and cancellations this year. The list of events cancelled is far too long to list and sadly it continues to grow. The latest addition to the list of events being postponed is the Android 11 launch that was slated for the 3rd of June.

The event that was to be live-streamed has been postponed with minimal information or fanfare. COVID-19 was already causing a significant impact in the USA at the time the live stream was announced, a potential influence. The additional concerns around the recent events in Minneapolis could well play a part in the decision also as sited by USA based 9to5 Google and Android Police.

The company didn’t provide an exact reason, only saying “now is not the time to celebrate” — most likely in reference to ongoing protests across the United States.

It’s a tragic situation and while the delay will upset some. Android releases hardly seem important with America tearing itself apart from within as a backdrop.

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