To many it seems that Samsung have outsmarted themselves with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. They put some amazing lenses and hardware in the device but the lenses just did not function well in some instances. One of those instances is for close up imagery — it has a lot of trouble focussing on the object due to its longer focal length.

To fix this issue Samsung are set to roll out a new camera mode called “Close-Up Zoom” which uses AI improvements and 1.5x zoom to place the close-up object in focus. The new mode will function by allowing the user to easily toggle “Close-Up Zoom” to automatically set the zoom level to 1.5x.

AI improvements from Samsung in the camera app will prompt the user to use this new functionality when it deems that focus is not possible. This results in the phone being able to focus on the object as the lens is far enough away to obtain it within its focal length.

At this stage it has not arrived on the Ausdroid Galaxy S20 Ultra but it will definitely be a welcome addition. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has some amazing camera hardware and thus some amazing potential you would suspect but at this stage the software is not up to the level of the hardware.

This new feature is one step closer to bringing the entire photography package to where it should have been at release. For many of us the camera is the most important part of a smartphone so Samsung really need to improve their results with enhancements such as these for those who have forked out the requisite fortune for this phone in the first place.

Keep an eye out for this update rolling out to your Galaxy S20 Ultra soon. Let us know when you see it on your device.

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Daniel Narbett

Cool – though I haven’t really noticed that specific issue. The main problem is still the lack of a ‘middle’ resolution i.e. above 12mp but less than 108mp – I still feel like the pics on my S8+ were superior to the non-108mp shots on my Ultra. Bring on a 27mp mode!!