What’s more important than being connected these days? Part of that need we have is to stay connected as well, aside from fringe connectivity the biggest risk to that for most users is the battery. There are plenty of options available for keeping your battery topped up, Belkin has just added more options to your decision making. While some are clearly focussed on fruity phones, the USB C connection means that you can harness the 18 watts of power to fast charge your Android too.

The new options start with the Boost Charge Power Bank 10k which is a 10,000mAh multi-port battery pack worth $59.95. The pack allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously through the USB-A or USB-C ports. The power output is fairly impressive too with enough juice to support quick charge on some devices.

  • 12W to a single USB-A port
  • 12W shared when both USB-A ports are in use
  • 15W to the USB-C port
  • 15W shared across all ports

Complimenting the battery pack is the Boost Charge braided USB-A to USB-C cables. We’re still in a bit of a transition phase where some products are being released with Micro USB and there are a lot of old wall chargers out there. So we can’t just ignore the USB-A connections that are in abundance. These cables certainly look the goods to go the distance and are available in a number of lengths from 15cm at $19.95 through to 3 meters at $34.95

A brand new addition to the Belkin range is the 10W Boost Charge, Wireless Charging pad. It comes in two flavours, as a Pad for $49.95 or with a stand for $59.95. There’s only so much you can do with a wireless charging pad to differentiate it from the pack. This is a decent looking charger that I’d be happy to adorn my desk with.

Finally, there are new car and wall chargers in the Boost Charge USB-C charging range, costing $49.95 and $54.95 respectively. Both put out 18W and will be capable of charging phones of all flavours in rapid time. These come with a USB-C to lightning cable for those on the Apple platform.

Their continued delivery of power devices that meet current market needs and expectations means that Belkin’s strong reputation will continue. These latest additions to their charging range adds punch and reduces the time taken to Boost your battery.

What have your experiences with third party chargers been on your devices?