Digital Wellbeing has become the catchphrase of many tech companies with so many of us spending so much time on our devices — Elon Musk actually Joe Rogan recently that we are cyborgs already due to the computer implanted in our hands already (albeit with a slow upload interface).

To help people get off their devices and spend some time in the real world companies are implementing features to help users manage their online time better. Screenshots have appeared of Facebook’s upcoming UI changes to their digital wellbeing feature, showing how they plan to make it easier to get you off your device.

9to5Google managed to get their hands on screenshots showing not just the new digital wellbeing UI but also a COVID-19 tracker (not sure if they include renowned expert’s, Karen from Facebook, thoughts as well) and dark mode.

The digital wellbeing feature update brings a new UI for the “Time on Facebook” which seems to be taking the whole concept seriously finally. The new UI makes it a lot easier for users to monitor their usage, control their notifications and to set scheduled quiet times. While there is nothing new in the feature-set itself it just seems to make it a lot easier to implement the features themselves — finally. Now hopefully they stop burying it within settings and privacy and bring it to the fore so people actually know it’s there.

Along with screenshots of the new UI there are also some screenshots of a new COVID-19 tracker but we are unsure as to whether this will be a US feature only or not. At this stage our cases here in Australia are not very high but for countries such as the US, Brasil and India where cases are on the rise it could be useful.

There is also a new dark mode introduced and given we have covered umpteen dark mode updates in the past I don’t think we need to discuss this one in detail, especially when Facebook are so late to the party.

There is no timeline for the rollout of the new update but keep an eye on it and if you are one of those people who get stuck on Facebook with endless scrolling of your feed the new UI in “Time on Facebook” could be useful.

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Can we please have an editor go over and clean up articles like this before they are posted?


Reading the article, it needs far more than merely a clean up.
It needs a full rewrite from scratch, to cleanly translate it into proper Australian English.