The Pixel 4a is coming, we know that for certain and already know a lot about the phone. We’ve seen the sub $600 price tag, specs, a camera review, packaging and hands on. There’s already a lot to like about the phone, it’s a budget conscious performer that will please the masses. Now we’re getting even more insight into what it could be capable of, this time it’s wireless charging.

ESR Gear has (deliberately or not) have released renders of their Pixel 4a cases, including one that states that the device is “Wireless Charging Ready”. Great news for users who want the convenience of wireless charging, particularly if the battery hasn’t improved over the Pixel 4. The other cases show us consistent details with the previous leaks and renders we’ve seen. ESR gear has a number of options including a clear, slim case and a larger case with a kickstand for media playback.

Until we see the final device, any renders and leaks need to be taken with a pinch of salt. From history though, we can be somewhat confident in the presentation of the device when we’re this close to the device launch.

Does wireless charging have an effect on your buying decisions or is it just a “nice to have” feature?

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i was thinking about getting the 4a until i realised there isnt any wireless charging but if this is true they will come with it, im back in. just hope it supports any charger and not just the google pixel type.

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since iphone se supports wireless charging no wonder google is supporting it for it budget line


I’m sold. Qi certified is great
just be a oled and ip68.