For some of us, it’s interesting data but for developers knowing Android distribution numbers could make or break a new app. So when Google stopped delivering Android distribution numbers directly it caused a stir. Thankfully they continued to do so in their IDE, Android Studio. This is a tool intended to help developers decided which SDK level to build their app for.

Distribution numbers as shown in Android Studio

For users who are just interested, it’s a little tedious to install the Android Studio just to check those numbers. Some enterprising folks have seen this market gap and built a new website to share the info:

From their info tab the inference is that they will be updating the information based on what is available via Android Studio. This alleviates the need for the curious to have it installed: it also makes accessing the info significantly easier for everyone at glance. The data set is incomplete at the moment due to the lack of information officially published by Google for a period of time. Moving forward, we’ll keep our eyes on the site to confirm when it’s updated.

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More than 2 years since project treble, I hate that we still are forced to talk about Android distribution (fragmentation).


Project Treble really doesn’t seem to have delivered anything from an end user perspective.