Remember when we were all really excited about the new foldable form factor? While we still may be excited to some degree it has been tempered by the pricing and availability along with certain under performing features of them. Samsung looks set to improve on their first generation Galaxy Fold with a bigger and better display.

Reports out of Korea are stating that the new Galaxy Fold 2, thought to be arriving in the last quarter of this year, will feature a bigger display than the first generation display. The new display will be a 7.7-inch display, up from the 7.3-inch display of the first generation.

Along with that the display in the new Fold 2 will apparently support a 120Hz refresh rate. Hopefully Samsung can run the display at its full resolution while at 120Hz unlike the drop in resolution for that refresh rate in the Galaxy S20 series.

The inner display will have a resolution of 2213×1689 pixels and an 11.8:9 aspect ratio with a punch hole for the selfie camera. The Fold 2 will also use the same ultra-thin glass that they have used in the Z Flip making for a much better touch experience. The display though will not support any S-Pen it is believed due to the use of this ultra-thin glass — maybe next year. Apparently Samsung has been unable to create a durable enough glass that folds while also being able to handle the pressure from an S-Pen.

The outer display on the Fold 2 will also receive an upgrade, this time going from 4.6-inches in the first generation Fold to a much bigger 6.23-inches. This will give the user the feeling of using a phone display as big as most available on the market. The outer display though will be missing out on the higher refresh rate, instead only supporting 60Hz and will have a lower resolution of 2267 x 819 with a 24.9:9 aspect ratio — yes that is very thin.

Expect to see more details of the new device emerge in the coming months. As details of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are slowly revealed it appears that Samsung have learnt a lot from their first two foldable devices. Hopefully they have also learnt to price it more affordably so more of us can experience this new form factor.