As phones become more powerful we’ve seen increasingly intricate and involved games make their way to the mobile platform. The problem with mobile gaming is touchscreen controls are typically not great. The direct USB-C interface means that your control inputs are instantly delivered to your device for lag-free gaming.

The design includes clickable analogue thumbsticks, multi-function buttons and 8-way D-pad. The setup means that with the combination of buttons users will have console-like controls and gameplay anywhere and everywhere they choose.

The Kishi is designed to accommodate a variety of Android smartphones through its USB-C connection. Essentially, for it to for your phone and work you need – a phone that has Android 8 out higher, a central USB-C port and is no bigger than 78.1 x 163.7 x 8.8mm. Thanks to the pass-through smartphone charging port on the Kishi, users can continue to play even while charging their phone.

It’s shipping now through Amazon and Razer online for $149.95

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Wonder if it will work with Android One devices?
Or is it Name Bland Flogships only?