Despite AWS being the new backbone of the company, Amazon is continuing to expand its real world footprint across the world, and specifically in Australia. The latest Fulfilment Centre (FC) to be announced for the retail and logistics giant is located in Lytton near the seaport and airports of Brisbane. The new location is intended to continue Amazon’s logistics reach across Australia.

Amazon says the main purpose of the FC is two fold. Firstly it will warehouse more than 500,000 items that Queenslanders order most often to decrease the delivery times, something Amazon uses to sell its Amazon Prime memberships. The second purposes is to act as a distribution site for local business who use Fulfilment By Amazon to sell and deliver their productions.

These local businesses will be able to drop their goods at the Brisbane FC for Amazon to pick, pack and deliver their wares using Amazon’s expanding logistical network. While this will hopeful be a boon for small and medium businesses in Australia it is worth noting that Amazon has come under fire more than once for cannibalising the market for products sold by vendors like this.

However it is great to see Amazon providing opportunities to Australian businesses, in a world economy where spending local is more and more becoming important every time you buy Australian you keeping more money circulating through our economy.

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Amazon is a terrible company. Please do not support them.   Also, if you own a small business and plan to use Fulfillment By Amazon to sell and deliver their products, Don’t! The EU is currently suing Amazon for using their access to this data to have cheaper generic versions of best selling products made to squeeze small businesses out of the market/profit using their sales data.   They have also been caught sending nasty legal emails to sellers who also sell on Ebay, illegally telling them to make their prices on Amazon for the same products lower, and therefore… Read more »

Jamie S

Looks like I’ll need to restart my Amazon Prime membership after its completed. Hopefully it won’t be too long before drones are delivering packages on the same day they are ordered for Prime members.🌝