Would you like to reduce your mobile bill to $0 per month? I know I would, as would a lot of people and now there’s potential way that you can.

Zero mobile is a newcomer to the MNVO space and they’re doing things a bit differently. In a similar model to Spotify’s free offering, if you choose to have your mobile provided for $0 per month, you’ll see some ads based on your geographic location at the time.

Zero mobile CEO Glenn Mohammed made comment to Channel 7 about the plans and “the catch”

On the free plan, we send out deals on our mobile app and that is how we make our money

The offering

The base offering will cost you $0 per month and gives you incoming calls, SMS and 1GB of data for free. Any outgoing communication through the mobile network is billed under a PAYG model. From there you can add packs for calls or data:

  • $8 for unlimited calls and text
  • $2 for access to international calls
  • $18 for 5GB data
  • $28 for 25GB data
  • $38 for 40GB data

On the surface, the deal certainly looks to be very good for low usage customers. When you consider the backing of the Telstra mobile network, it looks to be a very good offering for some market segments.

The offering may draw the attention of the major carriers and other MNVOs, with the potential to shake up the market and get better offerings across the board.

There are some further details that new subscribers should read on the critical information summary. That stands true to any ongoing contracted cost – read up, understand and know your risks.

Is the $0 per month offering enough to entice you to accept more daily ads in your life?