Last week we detailed how Aussies can trigger their Google Play Music to YouTube Music transfer tool to appear. Unfortunately because of the bazillion folks who read Ausdroid and jumped on board the transfers seem to be taking a while. Fear not though, it has not broken.

After setting my transfer going on Sunday last week it was still going three days later, finally finishing on Wednesday. Of course Google had originally said it would only take 15 minutes or so but that was before the demand was so high all of a sudden. My transfer tool said for the first couple of days of transferring that it was taking a while:

Transfer are taking longer than normal. We are looking into it and will contact you when your transfer is complete.

The new warning now says that the delays are due to high demand but are still occurring. The change in message is no doubt likely due to users contacting Google asking why it is taking so long. It is good to see Google making some effort to inform users of this delay so if you have started your transfer and it has not completed just yet be patient.

Fear not though it will still be done, it may just take a while.

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Mine took less than 5 minutes via Canada with about 200 Albums and a few Playlists done


Does YouTube Premium or Music provide the same feature where user can upload Upto 50k songs to the cloud?