The command “find my device” on a Google Assistant device triggers through your Google account to ring your phone. There have been some limitations though, like only giving the option to call a couple of devices.

Android Police spotted that this limitation is no longer well… a limitation. If you trigger the feature and have more than two devices signed in, it will start listing your devices. A feature that’s saved my sanity more than once when I’ve misplaced a phone.

There still seems to be some limits involved as I only got a list of seven devices when I have more than that attached to my account. It is however, the five most recently signed in and used devices that were listed. Now the issue of lots of devices isn’t going to be a problem for a huge percentage of users, but there are still plenty with three or potentially four.

It’s an interesting development to see one of my tablets now appears on the list too. It would be great to see this appears as a separate option “find my tablet” and extending that to any device signed into your Google account.