We’re in a strange world where device launches are becoming less important than years gone by. Some of that is due to the fact we usually know all about the device, some due to well… COVID-19. Serial leaker OnLeaks has again teamed up with Pigtou to bring us a first look at the Galaxy Tab S7.

The renders are based on leaked CAD drawings so should be a relatively accurate representation of the final device. It probably won’t surprise too many people find out it’s not really changed much from last years Galaxy Tab S6.

There’s a few specs also provided on the article from Pigtou including the dimensions at 253.7 mm long, 165.3 mm wide and 6.3 mm thick which is larger than last years device. It’s powered by a 7760 mAh battery and is likely to offer a 5G variant as well as Wi-Fi only options. Based on current standards it’s fair to assume an SD865 onboard. That’s all we know for now but there will be more to come as the leaks scale up when we get closer to the release of the device.

Are you still using a tablet, or are you over to laptop and phone only?

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I have been threatening to buy a tablet for some years now , but as a peasant pensioner who tries to minimise extravagant technology purchases to the odd mobile phone when I have enough pennies saved . I look at tablets , and dare I say it , Apple tablets look to be winners just purely for the iOS updates that occur apparently for a number of years . The problem for me with Apple is I’m not an Apple user at all , And for Android tablets , the better ones are not a cheap prospect , But if… Read more »


If you were rich, I would say you were being tight. Maybe the 2019 Tab a is more in the right price range? I have a tab a 2016 and still use it. My grandmother has a 2019 tab a as her main computer and uses it a lot. For an average Joe, it is unfair for them to expect us to constantly expect us to pay more and more.
And, I’m not tight. I spend a lot more than average on tech but even this seems like a lot.


Hopefully they don’t use suction to hold the case on this time (which falls off every now and then). Was the main reason I didn’t get a Tab S6 to replace my tab S4


I’m using an S5e quite happily. My old S2 is really struggling these days so I’m watching with interest to see if it’s time to retire my S2, move my S5e ‘down’ and get the S7 as my primary tablet.

I’ve never understood the stick Android tablets get. I also have an iPad and so many of the apps are just iPhone apps and look terrible on the iPad. I never see this problem on Android tablet.


I’m looking at those renders, and really, whoever is guilty of approving such a substandard camera for a flagship tablet, should be fired and rendered completely unemployable. _ENTRY LEVEL_ phones are now getting quad lens camera arrays, while the S7 is sporting a single lens camera.
Personally I would love to grab that moron guilty of that design misfeature on the S7, by the neck, and squeeze it till his head pops off like an overripe pimple being burst. 🙁


I still use my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) 4G/LTE with S Pen P585.
While the S6 lite would be a viable replacement for my Tab A, right now, it’d be a case of replacing the Tab A, whilst it’s still working without fault.


I’m still happy with the S4


Have gone over to a Chromebook. When it dies I would have a look at whatever tablets are available at the time, but the simple thing that the chromebook holds the screen up…

Daniel Narbett

Do we know how much RAM? I’m still happily using the Tab S4, and with 4gig of RAM it was far and away the best on release, but it’s actually still the main limiting factor in everyday usage. Though the 16gig RAM in my S20 Ultra is perhaps overkill 😉