The Google Pixel 4a was expected to be announced and launched in mid-May at Google I/O 2020 but then COVID-19 happened. Along with other social issues that have occurred in the meantime the Pixel 4a keeps being delayed.

After first tweeting out a few weeks ago that the Pixel 4a was not going to launch to the public until August 6 for the black version and October 1 for the blue version Jon Prosser has updated the time frame he is seeing “in the system”.

The tweet he has sent out now has stated that Google has delayed the Pixel 4a again. The announcement is still going to occur on July 13 but it seems that the launch of the black model has been pushed back to October 22 — yes that is Pixel 5 territory. Interestingly though he is reporting that the Barely Blue version has been “removed entirely”.

This is an interesting turn of events for the next mid-range Pixel 4a with his statement that a few weeks ago the Pixel 4a units were ready to launch but the “market conditions” resulted in them being pushed back. While the launch of a new smartphone is irrelevant with what is occurring in the world on so many fronts at the moment it is strange to continue to see Google to push back launches so far — why October 22?

It is an interesting decision and is that a random date they have chosen? What has happened to the blue Pixel 4a devices which you would expect would be well and truly built? What about the Pixel 5? Will it launch alongside the 4a? Seems silly to do so with one a 4a generation and the other a 5.

So many questions and details unknown but as we have seen in 2020, expect the worst — this seems to be the year for it.