Wireless earbuds are the latest trend among smartphone users with their popularity growing rapidly. Tranya is a new competitor in the Australian marketplace, aiming to be a competitive option in the field of Bluetooth earbuds.

What’s in the box

The Tranya Rimor is a small case which contains both earbuds and also acts as a charger. There are also an additional 3 pairs of rubber tips. The charging case is reasonably lightweight and is 7.5cm (L) by 5.5cm (W) by 3.8cm (H) in size, comfortably fitting in my pocket.

The Tranya Rimor earbuds come with Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 audio codec technology and 10mm nano-ti coated dynamic driver. Tranya’s marketing states this produces sound which is three times more detailed than a typical 6mm driver creates.

The Rimor earbuds use USB-C to charge and I have to say that I absolutely love that Tranya have gone with this option.

The earbuds hold five hours of play time per charge, with the case able to hold enough charge for another 25 hours, meaning you can fully charge your earbuds four times before needing to charge the case. The charging case has four lights on the front which indicate the battery levels.

There is an option for fast charge: a ten minute charge will give 90 minutes worth of play time, as long as the case is plugged into power mains. The case will take up to two hours to fully charge provided the earbuds are not inserted, as the case supports pass-through charging so the earbuds will be charged before the case battery.

The Tranya Rimor earbuds are IPX5 water resistant which prevents water, rain and sweat from penetrating the earbuds. The earbuds are quite comfortable to wear compared to other devices I have used. Even after an hour of use my ears were still quite comfortable.

To test the sound quality, I listened to a wide range of genres and found the earbuds were quite clear and the sound quality was reasonable, given the price point.

What’s it good at

Pairing the Rimor earbuds was quite a quick and simple process, unlike some other wireless earbuds I have reviewed.

The touch sensitive controls took a little getting used to but once I memorised the options it became very easy to use. The controls enable you to adjust volume, playback, initiate and end phone calls and trigger the Google Assistant.

What it’s not so good at

The microphone on the earbuds isn’t as clear when on a phone call in a loud environment, such as outdoors, on trains or shopping centres. I found I need to have my phone up near my mouth for the person on the other end to hear me.

There is no way of checking the battery levels of the earbuds until you get an alert saying that you’re at five percent battery life. You can do the 10 minute fast charge though but remember you do need access to power mains to use this option — not great if on the go.

This is where I believe an app would be beneficial for the user allowing them to check battery status and control the earbuds from their phone.

The manufacturer states that the earbuds are environmental noise cancellation enabled, however when I was using them I was able to still hear environmental noises such as train announcements. Given the price range, they don’t do a bad job but I would have expected a slightly better noise cancelling effect.

Wireless earbuds

Should you consider buying them?

Overall I was quite impressed with the Tranya Rimor wireless earbuds. They’re comfortable to wear and for what they offer, they are reasonably priced.

There are some downsides to the earbuds, but if you are mainly using them for listening to music or podcasts or whilst exercising, then I would say the Tranya Rimor earbuds are definitely worth consideration.

The Tranya Rimor wireless earbuds are available through Amazon Australia for just $126 but are currently on sale for $79.99 with free delivery thrown in.