It’s always fun to keep an eye out for some new toys, preferably bargains online and the Big W toy sale has presented that today. A few that have been highlighted to us from Laser and TCL warrant a quick mention.

I’m keen to relive my youth, perhaps also to get some value from the thousands of dollars (at purchase time, sadly no longer) of CDs in my home is the Laser Boom Box. The design is reminiscent of an old ghetto blaster but with the valuable addition of CD versus the cassette tape. It’s also sporting Bluetooth, USB, Aux line in and FM Radio. During the sale it is 33% off – Down from $149.00 to $99: worth picking one up and throwing it in the cupboard for a birthday or even Christmas later in the year.

The TCL Family watch is a good way to communicate with and keep track of your kids. At the time of release, it was $199 and honestly its a pretty good deal at that… But it has been reduced to $139 for a short time. It’s got a great range of features for something that costs under $200 and worth taking more than a fleeting glance at. Check out our review for more details on how it all comes together.

Finally, one close to my heart is the laser gaming bundle. While I am well set up with high-end gaming equipment personally, I’m also at a point where I’m thinking about getting my youngest child set up with her own kit to avoid potential damage to mine! The set includes all of the “touch” items in a gaming setup including RGB Gaming Mouse, RGB Mouse Pad, RGB Gaming Keyboard and a LED Gaming Headset. It’s a great pick up for someone just setting out on a gaming journey and won’t break the bank at $59, normally priced at $99.95

Keep in mind that these sales are often very popular so being patient with the website is a must. Either that or you’ll need to head to your nearest store to pick up in person. Pro tip: call first and get the stock put aside, it will save headaches in the long run.

If you’ve found some tech bargains lately, share them with the Ausdroid community in the comments below.

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    Webpage for the LASER 4-in-1 Gaming Bundle, Big W are selling
    No driver CD mentioned in the specifications. No driver downloads on the page. Only download is a PDF of the user manual. So it’s unknown if there’s any driver based control of the LED lighting.
    The kit needs 4 USB A ports. No mention in the specifications if USB 2.x, or USB 3.x.

    The LASER Ghetto Blaster CD Boombox would only be partially useful to me for old skool sound on the go. I still have a pile of casssette tapes, in addition to my CDs.