As we march steadily towards YouTube Music becoming Google’s one and only music app, the improvements and features continue to get delivered. The most recent changed are bringing playlist collaboration and a related music tab while listening to your favourite songs.

The collaboration feature isn’t yet live but 9 to 5 Google have taken a quick look at the feature. In the menu to edit your playlists, you will be able to not just share your playlists but collaborate with anyone and — if you’re brave enough — everyone.
Of course, if you choose to just share your outstanding taste in music you can share a playlist without enabling others to contribute to it.

The Related tab shows a number of options to find related to music to what you are listening to at that time. This includes related songs, recommended playlists, similar artists, more music from artist and some details on the artist you’re listening to. It’s a development of the “for fans of” and artist radio stations that are available in Google Play Music.

With the development of YouTube Music and — despite the wait — the ability to move your library over, what are the barriers to you using YouTube Music? Many of us have already made the switch, have you?

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Straight off the bat, YTM is a You Fail.
Top of the app on opening is ‘Recommended music videos’. Not the actual tracks, but rather, the music videos.
That, from the outset, shows where the wrong focus of YTM is. YTM is an app and service made for video streaming, not music playing. This more than anything else, is why YTM will never be a real replacement for GPM.

Stephen Thoms

I did try switching but YTM is full of bugs and had an awful user interface. Once Google music dies I will possibly move to Spotify??? I sent YTM a report on the bugs and why the UI does not work for people who like albums after commuting with YTM support. Never heard back from them. YTM can’t even consistently play more than the first song on an album. And this is from a pixel 3XL using Chromecast!


YouTube music is a piece of shit. Play Music was way better and you know they are not going to fix anything.
They ruin too many good things.
Everyone just stop using Google all together so the company goes under.

Bren Online

Yes, it’s good to see YouTube more feature rich as it has so much potential.


YouTube music doesn’t let me listen offline on Wear watch, casting YouTube music sucks the fat one… I either get a single song, a song that cannot be skipped, or it will return to a previous playlist despite playing a new one. Not to mention the shuffle never really seems to shuffle, and the chrome app won’t shuffle an entire playlist until it gets down to the final song in the displayed queue and then loads up the next batch. Recommended songs are questionable, too many poor quality audio examples as though I’m listening to the video version, get occasional… Read more »


My main stumbling block is the need to play music in the background without subscribing. I have a large collection of my own music. No need to subscribe, but want to keep music playing while phone is locked. Not confident this will move across from GPM.


I’m missing some features they even removed from GPMAA, like 5-Star-rating. But that one will never come back. Oh and the YTM app is missing the integrated music recognition when searching for songs. I use this a lot.
Oh and a Light-Theme would be nice. Dark is so hard to read at daylight.


Ytm does have music recognition I use it all the time


I’d like to see Google let the backlog of users shift their accounts from GPM to YTM before adding more chrome and bells and whistles to YTM.

Mark M

Dislike the cross contamination of playlists from the video app. Would like the option to switch off any linking of video and music app beyond the login account


Absolutely agree. There needs to be a clear division between YouTube and YouTube Music. I don’t need playlists of video lectures showing up in my music app.