According to the Bluetooth SIG those of us who have been wanting to use their phones as key-less entry into our care, good news, it’s coming.

Bluetooth technology has already been used in some wireless keyfobs for key-less entry, for cars, houses and other things, but it hasn’t been based off smartphones.

Now, finally, that technology is coming to our smartphones. With Bluetooth enabled smartphones acting as a Key Fob you may even get enhanced access options allowing you to set the parameters of access. Only want the driver’s door to unlock, easy done.

Like all technology standards, the features will rely on the car manufactures adopting that standard, and them implementing software controls. But the first step in journey to never needing to carry car keys again is the development of a standard like this.

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    I always wonder why one can’t open the car with fingerprint.


    Some cars already have the proximity feature , where as long a you have your key fob on your person , as soon as you touch your door handle the car unlocks .
    I have this on my three year old toyota , and i have to say , it really works nicely.
    And in reverse when leaving the car , just touching the external door handle locks the car.


    It could be handy as a spare key, but I would not like to rely on my smartphone s being my sole car key.
    My current car key has a clip on it which makes it hard to lose,
    It is compact and if I leave the house it always comes with me as it also has my front door key on it.
    Not only that, what happens if my phone and now sole car key battery goes flat.
    I think I’ll be fine with the standard car key 😁.