Let’s start this out with the usual disclaimer, like any other, Android 11 Beta isn’t finished so sometimes features aren’t polished, sometimes are unfinished or even broken.

For this, and many other reasons, it is recommended — even by Google — to not use the Android Beta builds on a device you’re critically reliant upon. It’s not a uniquely Google problem, but sometimes people’s impatience to play with the latest makes the day-to-day functions they rely upon not work so well .. but let’s move on.

As with previous versions of the OS, Android 11 Beta has some teething issues. There have been issues in the past with G Pay not working due to incomplete or missing verification associated with the Beta status. So it shouldn’t have been a complete surprise when Google’s G Pay system wasn’t working on the most recent Beta update.

Fortunately, now – thanks Doran and Shane for the tips on this – the issue appears to be resolved. The next version of the beta has resulted in multiple reports that G Pay is now working again. This has been a pretty speedy response from Google to resolve the issue so quickly in response to the outcry.

If you were running Beta, what’s the one feature of Android you’d lose it if you lost?

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Max Luong

This actually made me set up Google Pay on my watch. 😁