Spotify is the biggest streaming music provider around and has a very loyal client base. That being said, it’s hardly surprising that when one of their competitors has a great feature that Spotify don’t – it makes its way to Spotify. In this case, that feature is video playback.

Jane Wong, a regular discoverer of hidden features in apps has located this gem under the now playing section. This brings multiple tabs to the UI:

  • Album art
  • Canvas – which shows a short clip of the song
  • and the topic of the moment… Video

Right now there isn’t a lot of information available on what this may provide, seemingly Spotify doesn’t know either given the caption. The easy to make assumption is that this will — as YouTube Music does — play full video clips in the app.

It’s always of great interest to see market-leading providers developing their product further. The additional entertainment of in-app video clips will be very much welcome to a huge number of Spotify’s subscribers.

What improvements or new features would you like to see from Spotify to keep you happily streaming with them?