RCS is the Android answer to iMessage and for users who have been able to (due to the lack of compatible devices and carriers in Australia) engage, it’s a great experience. In much the same way that iMessage was forced to, Google Messages have opened up a pathway to de-register your number.

The online form offers a pathway to do so if you no longer have a compatible device. It’s a simple fill in the boxes, submit and your number will be removed from the feature.

If you still have your compatible device and wish to remove your number you can do so in the Google Messages app as simply as:

  1. Open Messages
  2. Tap More options > Settings > Chat features
  3. Turn Enable chat features off

RCS is still a developing feature with lots to offer already and more to come. If you’re on a compatible device and haven’t enabled it yet, it’s worth giving the feature a go. If you are looking to de-register your phone number let us know why in the comments below.

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I am on the Optus network and just want to have the ability to try RCS before considering deregistering. But deregistering if RCS is not for me is a good move.


Of course it is important to have a choice in every self-respecting service … 🤔 … yes / no. You may have gotten involved experimentally and not liked it … 🙃.


Helstra don’t do pure RCS. They decided to do their own butchered version which only works Telstra to Telstra… no ETA of when they would go with the standard….

John Phillips

Vodagroan doesn’t support this feature at all in Australia.


Why does deregistering matter when RCS has Auto SMS fallback?

Chris Rowland

Who knows, nice for users to have the option

James C

Ausdroid has totally lost the plot, the majority of Australians don’t even have RCS active to begin with, I know that was sort of stated at the beginning of the article, but what is the point of of this, lol it’s the opposite of this what people want to actually use RCS on any modern android smartphone, and irrespective of network provider.

Chris Rowland

I disagree; one of the most important things about any over-the-top service (which RCS effectively is) is the ability, for whatever reason, to opt out if circumstances change. Recall what happened with early iMessage, where users who left Apple were unable to receive SMS from their Apple using friends/family for ages because there was no way to disconnect their mobile number from the iMessage service. Fortunately, Apple eventually fixed this, and this development with RCS is just as important for the saome reason – it allows people to opt out of the service when/if they need to. Not a big… Read more »