Who doesn’t like a bargain? Well, tomorrow JB Hi-Fi will be offering first responders further discount over their usual pricing. In fact, they’re doing some fairly significant discounts in honour of First Responders Day.

To say thank you to Australia’s First Responders for their hard work keeping us safe during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re supporting @AustralianRetailersAssociation #FirstRespondersDay by offering a 10% off Computers & Phones, and 15% Off all other departments to First Responders who visit our stores.

There are of course some caveats to being eligible for the discount outlined on their page. You need to be a medical or health care worker, or recognised first response agency worker. While there are other pathways, presenting a valid ID in-store is the best way to bagging bargains.

Given the large scale disasters Australia has endured already during 2020: fire, flood and now the pandemic, it’s only fitting to give our first responders a bit of respite and a helping hand to buy some new toys.

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15% off most of the store is a cracking deal!