Sometime you don’t want a search to linger in your history. Perhaps your researching K-pop because you didn’t know what it was but you were fairly certain you didn’t want YouTube to start making you listen to it. What ever the reason if you did want to search privately on mobile you had to open your browser.

Now Google is rolling out Incognito Mode to the Google and YouTube apps on both Android and iOS. In what can only be called a bizarre twist the feature is actually launching first on iOS with Android coming soon. To activate the private search mode in either app simply long press on your profile picture and the app will go dark, literally.

Once in Incognito Mode the searches you make or videos you watch will no longer mess up your recommendations, or be logged against your account. Remember that Incognito Mode turns off Google’s tracking of your searches, it doesn’t stop your ISP, router or end-destination websites from knowing your device visited that location.

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Maybe Google should fix something else first, rather than adding moar chrome and bells and whistles to things.
Currently there is no way to clear your not logged into Google, Google search history.
EVERYTHING you search for, while not logged into Google, is permanently logged and tracked.