We are all spending more time at home these days, more often than ever in front of the box watching one (or more) of the various online streaming services. There are so many choices available for Australians at the moment that it can be difficult to narrow down what you want to watch.

Google have now introduced a new feature to Google Search for Australians that will “help you spend less time choosing and more time watching”. To take advantage of the new search functionality all Australians need to do it search for “good shows to watch” or “what to watch”.

Doing this will give you suggestions of shows that you may like that are available to rent, buy or stream from several different providers. At this stage Disney+, Foxtel, Google Play, Stan, YouTube and more are available to Australians with more to be added in the future.

You can narrow down or expand the list of providers that it gets recommendations from using the “Edit Providers” button. The terms you use to search for will also help narrow down the recommendations you receive with, for example, “horror movies from the 80s” or “adventure documentaries about climbing” surfacing recommendations for these.

If you find more than one option to watch in Search you can add them to your Watchlist to come back to at a later date. This adds it to your Watchlist tab to make it easy to find.

Google are looking to expand on this Search experience in the coming months — hopefully by then we won’t need it as much and we can all get out and live our lives safely. Until then, especially for us Victorians, stay inside, keep your distance and stay safe.

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    That explains why this utterly unwanted steaming pile of garbage suddenly started actively polluting my YouTube recommendations earlier in the week.

    Colin Jones

    The FTA providers and their respective catchup services (preferably episode-deep-linked in the same way Netflix is) are a must for this to be of real use. Also, being able to flick to “world wide” rather than just Australia would be very handy, at least to be able to see what might be upcoming, or even for those that may have access through streaming services not integrated with this search function