Google introduced the ability to have your user data automatically deleted last year. Now they’re building on those features to make them on by default for new accounts.

What does that mean? After 18 months any location data (which needs to be enabled) and your Web & App activity will now be set to automatically delete itself after 18 months. For existing users who have not activated Auto delete on their account Google will be providing a prompt.

Users will periodically be reminded to review auto delete settings via email as well as security pop ups when viewing your account settings. Google has committed to rolling out enhanced data retention across more of their products as time goes on — it is a good idea for you to keep an eye on your data and how it is used too.

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Oh just great. Yet another Google insecurity alert we’re going to be ‘reminded’ to check.


For someone who doesn’t like Google, you are very dedicated about visiting every story and commenting.


Only reason there was a string of comments by me, on Google stories, is because there was a string of Google stories posted on Ausdroid.
Like everyone, I post on the stories that pique an interest, positive, negative, or need more info.
I do like to read every story that is posted on Ausdroid.