Google are continuing to improve YouTube Music with what seems like weekly feature releases ahead of the shuttering of Google Play Music by the end of the year. Today a new feature has been spotted by an eagle-eyed Redditor which allows you to navigate through your playlist by swiping on the album art.

The Redditor noticed that within the Now Playing interface is a new feature that many other services already provide — the ability to swipe on the album art to change tracks. As you can see in the sample provided below swiping either direction on the album art will change the track, based on which direction you swipe.

At this stage it appears that the new feature is not available for all with Google most likely staging a roll out to gauge its success (and failure) within users before a large scale rollout. Many users on Reddit do not have the feature live yet and neither do we and it is unclear just when it will arrive for everyone.

It seems to be a server side change to allow the new feature so keep an eye out for it because Google may not tell you just when it arrives — it will just appear one day. This is yet another new feature that Google have added to YouTube Music in an attempt to bring it on par with Google Play Music (and other music services such as Spotify).

Google have stated that YouTube Music will become their only music service provider by the end of the year and it seems that they still have a bit of work to do to include the features we know, love and maybe don’t even know aren’t currently present in our other music apps. Hopefully they can get it done in time before they shutter Google Play Music.

What do you think they have left to do before making it their solitary music offering?

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Has it got gapless playback for downloaded tracks yet?


I cannot find a View Playlist function for YouTube Music when using within Android Auto. I like to be able to see the next songs on the playlist.


One of the main features I use in GPM is the ability to find out what song is playing on the radio by clicking on the search bar. Does YTM have this option? I was not able to find it in search.

Phillip Malone

People still touch their screens to change songs like animals? Wow! #MotionSenseFTW 😉