Android Auto is going places (see what I did there?) and it’s supporting us to do that as well. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a UI overhaul, new features appearing and wireless connectivity. Despite these upgrades there are still some bugs and annoyances for users, but they’re being worked out too. That continual evolution has led to a steady growth of the userbase which has now passed a huge milestone.

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

In the last week or so, Android Auto has topped 500,000,000 installs internationally. That’s a lot of phones that are now enjoying the benefits of Android Auto… but are they all?

It’s worth noting that there are a significant number of devices that are now shipping with Android Auto installed. So while the number is huge and very much noteworthy, there would be a not-insignificant percentage who don’t use the feature. Also noteworthy — for those who aren’t familiar with Android Auto — is the fact you don’t need a top-flight, third party head unit like the Kenwood DDX9018DABS in your car.

Android Auto can work on a mobile device as a stand alone app and it is very usable doing so. Most of the features are fully functional including Maps and Google Assistant is available, and you can (cabled or Bluetooth Audio if your car stereo supports it) stream music as well. Please keep in mind the legislation in your state regarding the use of a mobile phone in vehicles if you’re going to do so.

If you’re not yet using Android Auto, what’s the barrier to you engaging with it?

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Jafar Calley

“In 10 metres, turn left …..”


I thought Google have said standalone mode is depreciated so while it works now it won’t for much longer?


Google promised third party navigation apps. Never happened. While Google Maps and Waze are ok I would prefer TomTom. Compared with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto is lagging behind.

Lars madsen

Så ustabilt
Så virker YouSee music ikke
Så virker Tunein ikke
Så går AA ned og starter konstant

Thuan Tran

When can Vietnam install Android Auto officially on Google Play?

Last edited 2 years ago by Thuan Tran
Stephen Barrow

Would be really good if they solve the dropout issues.

Jeremy Koch

I am not using it becuase my 2019/2020 Mini Cooper does not support AA 🙁


Love AA.

It’s “Always On” when I’m in the car connected to Ford Sync.

Sometimes have issues with not playing Spotify, so have to “ask for the news”…let that play a minute or two, then ask to “Play KPop on Spotify”… But always comes good in the end.

So still minor irritation and bugs. But better than nothing.


I have Android Auto (and love it) but yet Google is getting everyone off Google Play Music and moving them to YouTube music, which they don’t have supported on Android Auto.

I love Google, but this is just bone headed.


YouTube Music works with Android Auto


Not sure what you mean. I have YouTube music running on my Android Auto – for some time now, in fact.


You need to actually download the YouTube Music app, not look up music videos on YouTube


This is the most useful app on Android IMO. I want to love it but is still so buggy after years. I use it every time I get in the car. Or try to anyway. Sometimes I need to reboot the head unit or the phone or both or unplug and replug multiple times to get it working. This is what needs sorting before they add features. It needs to connect everytime you plug in.


Yes, it’s very annoying you have to connect it via the cable which is not always working.


Maybe try a better quality cable, mine never has a problem.


Its great to see Auto continually being developed.

Not sure anyone would consider the DDX9018DABS to be “top-flight” anymore though.. lol