It’s that time of year where everyone has something on sale for the end of the financial year. Swann has some significant saving on their Enforcer 4, 6 and 8 camera systems as well as other offerings.

The Enforcer systems offer a step forward in DIY security with cameras that have patented technology as well as an intruder deterrent. Swann’s night to day technology, plus True Detect ensure you’re not getting masses of false positives. Add to that the red and blue flashing lights on cameras, buyers will enjoy peace of mind on a budget.

The enforcer system offerings are:

The deals don’t stop there though, there’s a consistent 20% off of other hardware across the Swann home security range. To check out what’s on offer, visit the Swann page and you’ll find some specials on their 4K NVR range as well.

The market for DIY home security is strengthening and Swann are at the forefront of that movement. It’s great to see specials of any kind appear that offer peace of mind for users, particularly for a sharp price. These deals are valid until the end of June, but if you miss out there’s undoubtedly more to come in the future.

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Not happy Swann

Swann recently forced users to change apps to access their cameras. The new app is buggy, takes away a bunch of useful features and offers less control. Don’t buy from Swann until they update their app to at least be as functional as the one they replaced.

Max Hubbard

They didn’t force, they saved us users from having non working products because the company that provided their cloud feature is in administration, so they built a cloud service from the ground up to move 1million users over to a new Amazon built Server that they’ve built themselves employing Aussie App specialists, on top of that they’re adding back full functionality, if you ask me they’re a brilliant company and could of left all of us old users in the lurch but instead are bringing us onto their new platform, i have one of their old products and one of… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Max Hubbard