A few weeks ago we reviewed the OPPO Find X2 Pro and found it be OPPO’s best ever smartphone — by a long way. Although it was lacking wireless charging it is still set to be a contender for our best smartphone of 2020. One stand out feature of the phone was the camera — notably the rear camera, with even DxOMark agreeing.

In the past we have been critical of DxOMark giving high marks to smartphones when in real world scenarios the results did not seem to match the score leading us to the conclusion that some manufacturers were gaming the system — making their cameras good at exactly what DxOMark were testing for.

This led to a mistrust of any score that DxOMark put out. We suspect that DxOMark heard this criticism and have changed how they test with most results fitting what you would expect in a real-world scenario nowadays.

Unfortunately for OPPO their score for the selfie camera test by DxOMark obtained scores that are well below where you would expect an ultra-premium smartphone in 2020. The Find X2 Pro’s score of 72 places it well below many of last year’s flagships as well which is quite disappointing.

DxOMark found that the “selfie shooter cannot match the excellent performance of its rear camera”. The exposure on faces was “pretty good” but its HDR activation was “frustrating” with “desaturated” colours. They found close selfies to be “generally out of focus”. Selfie video though was better overall though with “pleasant, if not perfect”, bokeh shots.

For you, the user though it is your decision to make. How many selfies do you take? How much detail do you need in your selfies? How many night time selfies do you take? One good thing is that most places that sell the Find X2 Pro will have a model on display that you can use to test out the selfie mode yourself to see if it is up to your standards.

In the end the selfie camera is a small, but important for some (many?), part of a smartphone. If you need your selfies to be amazing have a read over the full selfie review at DxOMark , check out the images above, all taken in various light levels, and test it out yourself in-store before purchasing. Personally I have not noticed any issues with the selfie camera but you can see the images above and make your own decisions.

One thing for sure though, you can be sure that OPPO, given their ability to listen to criticism in the past couple of years and act on it, are already looking into these results and will be putting their software engineers to work on improving the selfie images form the Find X2 Pro.

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Yes indeedy Scott , those oppo selfie pics , looking at my computer monitor anyway , only look average at best . I have never really had a high opinion of the front camera quality from most phone cameras in years past , though the current iphone models ,pixels and galaxys and one or two others in recent years seem to have improved a bit , Just as a matter of interest after looking at the find X selfie shots shown , i thought i`d pull out all of my smart phones on hand ranging from galaxy note2 , nexus… Read more »